Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm going swimming on TUESDAY!!!!

So I heard from the Ballard gym! And they do have swimming! It took a biscillion notes back and forth to get and understand all the details. But, they have half off the enrollment fees and until Phase 3, there is no monthly fee. We are not likely to see Phase 3 around here for months.

Interestingly, the other gym, much closer to me, told me today that the governor's orders prevents them from opening the pool until Phase 3. Somehow I think there's some confusion somewhere but I don't care as long as I can swim.

It's $15 to swim for 60 minutes so I won't be doing it every day. Plus there are not slots open every day. I could not even get the first one until Tuesday. Happily, however, the other swimmers are not big on early morning swims.

Here's what I bought so far:

I can cancel any of these with 24 hours notice.

There are some pools (I've found 2 so far) that my lungs do not like one bit. So there's a chance, this could be one of those. And I will have just blown $130 enrollment fee and $15 swim fee. But, I honestly have no way of knowing until I try it out and that's the cost of trying it out. So...

I got out my swim stuff. Whoa. Pretty musty smelling so now I'm airing it out. And charging up my swim music player. It took me a little bit to discover where I stashed my swimsuits but I found them.

I've paid the money... now I just have to wait until Tuesday!!
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