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I discovered a deck leak in the unit above me. Water dripping into my unit. Several emails finally got me Jason who works for the company we pay to manage the building. Jason promises he'll get right on it. A week goes by. I send him an email. He says next week or the one after, promise. Two weeks go by. I send him an email. On it, he says! Can I send photos of the damage? I look back through the thread. Three times, I have told him that so far there is no damage to my unit. I make it four. Can I send him details about where the leak is? I look back and only two notes up is the floor plan of my unit with a red dot and an arrow and the words LEAK HERE. I resend.

I still haven't heard from Christian the designer I emailed a week ago.

Yesterday morning I sent an email to Katie at the cable company. Crickets. But, in fairness, she has, in the past taken 26-30 hours to respond. And it's been worth the wait.

When I was working, my managers always gave me high marks for responsiveness. I've always felt like when asked to do something or for information, it was a priority to provide that as soon as possible and, if soon wasn't possible, an update on the progress was often nearly as good. Unrealistically, I expect the same in return. I'm so often disappointed.

But still I let it frustrate me.

I am out of orange juice and really want some. I thought I had one more bottle left but if it's in there, I can't find it. Whew Amazon has some they can deliver tomorrow. It's probably more expensive than buying it at a store but 1. safer and 2. cheaper because no temptation to buy pick up anything else while I'm there. I think I've saved a bundle this year on the latter.

I think we had a Mariners game or two before they shut everything down in March. Maybe not I can't remember back that far. But today we do! They are carving out 2 teams - Rainiers vs. Pilots. A baseball writer on Twitter this morning promised walk-up music, crowd noise and the whole bit. Radio and Youtube. 2:45. Should be interesting.

Also from Twitter a bit about the poor Blue Jays. Canada has different (and way more effective?) Covid-19 rules and they will be confined to their stadium/hotel this summer. "Per multiple sources, players have been told penalty if seen outside ballpark is $750,000 fine and potential jail time." Yikes!

Yesterday, I discovered that one LA Fitness location in Washington State is now open and it's one with a pool. It's an hour south of here. And, I just called. The pool isn't open. They are doing repairs. I'd be very annoyed if it were closer. They couldn't do repairs in the months they were closed???? But I don't think I'd do the drive anyway.

However, that did lead me to check on a gym with a pool in another part of Seattle. They are actually open with 'scheduled adult lap swimming'. It's about 20 minutes from here and I'm sure there are more wrinkles that would prevent my swimming there but I filled out their online form to request info anyway. With my track record, I should hear from them sometime next month.
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