Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It didn't even take a week

My July Social Security payment was in my account this morning. It was due on the 3rd. Today is the 9th. I am astounded that it got resolved so quickly. And so relieved. I am still clueless about how the problem happened but I really no longer care. I know a lot more now than I did and plan on way more frequent checks over at! I am so relieved and grateful. I had reconciled myself with losing at least July's payment and maybe August's and living with the stress until August when I knew for sure. I feel rich and totally unstressed.

Now I can concentrate on the stress of the bathtub/shower job. Why the hell hasn't Christian replied to my email??? There's a national company that advertises every night on the news Their business is what I want - bathtub out/shower in. They are offering all kinds of deals and say they can do it in 2-3 days. Call Us Today!! I would call except... the HOA. My project is 50% bathtub/shower and 50% HOA hurdle jumping. Or maybe even 60/40. So I'll wait.

The rumor among Mariner sports writers on Twitter is that some of the pre-season games might be televised so I wrote to Katie at my cable company to turn the channels back on. To get the channel that airs Mariner games I have to buy their biggest package. When no Mariners, I can easily get by with their smallest. Katie is the person I contact to flip the switch on or off. She makes it so easy. I could get a cheaper overall package with Comcast but then I'd have to deal with Comcast. When Katie leaves, that's probably what I'll do. She was there last April and I just sent her a note today. Hopefully, she's still there.

There are no plans for today or todo items, no calls, no nuthin. Just a free and open day. I like it. I thought about taking Biggie for his annual checkup and shots but it can wait until next week and I think it would be best to give the vets office some more time to heal.

This is day 3 of the new food plan. It still feels good and doable. Basically what I'm doing is shifting the bulk of my eating to the front of the day. And replacing my traditionally biggest meal in the evening with lighter fare or even just snacks. Yesterday after 2 pm, I had a bowl of cereal and milk and a piece of cheese with some apple slices. It was fine and plenty.

Also I'm still hall walking. Yesterday I only went once but picked up a bunch of extra steps while I was out and about. Today I'll need to go at least 4 times, maybe more.

I think I can work that into my non-schedule!
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