Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

2 more things I forgot.

It's been several days now since I sent an email to Christian looking to hire him to replace my tub. Crickets. I have not called. If I don't hear by next Monday I will. Maybe they are on vacation or something weird like that. He has minimal online presence which doesn't surprise me. The only real thing of consequence I could find was the obituary of his father. Christian is apparently one of 7 kids born and raised in Seattle to first generation Italians. His dad died of Covid-19 in April at 90 years old. He was in a senior home.

This not hearing from him, I keep telling myself, is exactly what this whole project will be like - wait, wait, wait, wait. So this is practise.

And also...

This was the weather map at noon today. And, also, why I love Seattle.
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