Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Luckiest Person I know is ME!!!

I called the Seattle Social Security office this afternoon. I wanted to make sure the August payment was heading for the correct account and I wanted to see if I could find out the fate of July's.

I got the greatest woman. Kind and clear and calm and very cool. She first checked my account and August's destination. It is destined for the correct account. WHEW!

Then I explained about July's special trip to no-account land and asked what might be done about that. She said that it should have bounced back from the credit union and end up in my correct account. "But, let me check and see what details I can find for you."

I was on hold for a long time but NO MUSIC! so it was lovely. And then she said:

"I was able to see that the funds, did, indeed come back from the credit union so you should see them in your account very soon. 3 to 5 days at most."

I could not even believe it. What last Friday seemed like a disaster of great proportions is soon to be a mere totally forgettable blip. Wow. I can hardly believe it.

I did have kind of a frustrating morning. The housecleaner is supposed to be here by 10 so I left the house about 9:40. I got a text from her at 9:50 saying she would be here at 10. She got here at 10:53. Plus, I'm not 100% happy with the job she did. But, I just think my tolerance for imperfect is a little broken. And that's surely not her fault.

I did some Goodwill and then dropped that key thing that Mercedes left in my car off at their place. Then I went to Uwajimaya. It really felt weird just shopping like normal. Once back in the car, I could see on the web cams that she was still here so I just read for a while and played with my phone until she left.

When I got home, I had a nice dinner and cleaned up and by the the mail carrier had arrived and brought the Etsy order I placed on May 15!!! It was in pristine condition. Wild.

Then I got caught up on stuff and decided to call the Social Security office and that's where this entry started. Big day here!
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