Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Day 1 of the new eating plan went well. I so love my ruts. My routines. My every-day-I-do-this-when... But I do know that I can switch to new ruts, new routines and I think this is going to be an easy switch. It was delightful not to spend last night all stuffed with dinner. My evening 'lunch' was plenty satisfying.

Also I think the walking the hall trick paid off. My walk this morning was better than yesterday's.

Today is housecleaner day so I'll be going out. To the usual haunts. Goodwill and Uwjimaya and maybe Daiso. And then, probably, just kill time in the car until she is done. I do need to find a new book. I listened to 3 different contenders last night and on my walk this morning. All were rejects for one reason or another.

Google just sent me my June timeline.

I went TEN places! I was shocked to discover this. But, there was the eye doctor and Costco and Uwjimaya and Goodwill and T-Mobile Park and Amazon and Mercedes and that time I went to the recycle crafts place on the wrong ay. I'm just a freakin gadabout!!

The big news of today is the package that is Out For Delivery! It's my order from Etsy that has done the 8 week crawl from England. Wonder if it will be battered or just tired from all that traveling.

The Mariners will play an intersquad game on Friday that will be broadcast on the radio. I'm ready.
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