Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Social Security Victory

I logged on this morning to discover that the bank information for my Social Security direct deposit had been changed. The last our digits now match my account number AND it says Scheduled Update 8/03. Yesterday they were the wrong digits and the update date was 9/03. So progress. In the right direction.

Tomorrow or Thursday I will call again to make sure that on 8/3 the "update" is updating to correct info and to see if we can find my missing July payment.

But, in general, I'm feeling better about the whole festuche. It could have been so much worse.

And in other good news, I got an email from one of the contractors about my shower and it's better news that I expected. The contractor sounds very willing and says that he works through a designer who lives here in the building and he copied the designer. So that answers/solves several issues for me all at once. Whew.

Christian has lived here for nearly as long as I have. We are not best buds but are friendly. I've been in his unit and we do NOT share the same design style but whatever. He's been in the game forever and he knows this building and how to play the HOA game (he was a board president for a couple of years) and the last time saw him, it was to do him a favor for which he was very grateful. So good good good good.

He can plan the shower, help me make the decisions - storage, no storage, curtain, door, etc. and direct the contractor who clearly likes working with him. Whew!!! This may yet come to pass!

On the not good news side, my walk this morning was horrible. My body ached and I had no breath. I finally made it the entire mile but it was torture. I'm just not moving enough. That has to change, today.

Tangentially, (whoa, I can't believe I spelled that correctly first time out! go me! my body's dead but the brain is still cookin!) I am toying with the idea of moving my meals around. I have no interest in healthy eating. I eat what tastes good to me and I plan on continuing that. But I'm thinking of changing the when I eat.

I grew up with breakfast = eggs,etc. lunch = sandwich or something light dinner = big old hot meal with dessert. I know several of my LJ friends have a bigger lunch and little or no dinner and that's what I'd like to shoot for. Just swap lunch and dinner or just have dinner at noon and snacks in the evening.

My reason for not doing it is social and habitual and mental. Changing a habit of 70 years is a little daunting. But, doable. Going out with friends dinner would be in the evening and lunch will be regular lunch. But, who the fuck is going out any time soon anyway??? By the time I get my routine changed, making an exception will be a no brainer. (Also my Mariners tickets include a lavish buffet meal before all games which are usually in the evening - so dinner but, again, there will be none of that this year.)

It seams counter intuitive to be cooking a hot meal in the middle of the day in Summer but, I eat dinner early anyway and it's just as hot then. And, except for a freezer of meals that need to be eaten hot, who says a dinner has to be hot. Maybe as I eat up my current stash, I'll change what I eat anyway. Mainly I think I'd feel more comfortable not having a big meal at night. And maybe even eat less over all.

I think the thing to do... the thing I'm going to do... is just start with a big lunch. Today. So, dinner at mid-day today. And then well see how things shake out at dinner time but I'm guessing that will be the easy part. Lately I've been starving at lunch time and eating dinner mainly because it was time.

Tomorrow is house cleaning day but the house is pretty tidy already so no prep needed. I have a zoom meeting today with the data folks at UW. I even have some prep I need to do for that. Otherwise, the usual.

I have my watch set to ping me if I have not completed 250 steps in any given hour. I am spectacularly good at ignoring those pings. Starting today, I am not going to ignore. When I get the buzz, I'm going to move. If only to walk from one end of the house to the other and do a couple of arm things. I am going to atrophy if I don't do something. Today's the day to start. You heard it here first.
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