Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ok, I'm 99% sure now that it was not me but it does get curiousier

I got to a person on the social security 800 line in 1 hour and 20 minutes which was actually pretty good all things considered. He was not very interested in helping, though. Sad that he was already having a bad day. He did listen and looked up my account but then said he could do nothing and I had to call the Seattle office.

So I hung up and called the Seattle office. Joke's on me. 0 minutes wait time. The first thing that the Seattle lady said when I explained I had been directed there from the main office was "well, I sure can't do anything they can't do. we all work from the same information! If they can't help you, there is nothing I can do." I plowed on anyway and while she turned out to be not the brightest bulb, she was very helpful anyway.

First she gave me the compete account number where before I only had the last 4 digits. The great news there is that the account number had 8 digits and BECU accounts have 10.

Then she said that she could see that the account was changed on June 2 online. There are lots of problems I have with this. First of all the system requires 2 months before it will send money to a changed account. So if the account was, indeed, changed on June 2, why the fuck did they make the change immediately? Also, someone logged in, changed the account number to a bogus account but kept the same routing number? Holes, holes, this fraud is swiss cheese. I logged onto my social security account on June 1 but made no changes. I did not log on June 2.

She said she could see that the money had not come back from BECU but that if it did, my account would be flagged and I'd need to go online to unflag it. (She was really vague about all of that.)

She changed my account to deposit into the correct BECU checking account. She said my August payment would be deposited there. And that I should see the change online tomorrow. I do not believe either of those two statements. But I can easily check the latter and you betcha I will. Then, maybe Wednesday, I'll call social security back and see what they say then about where they think my next check will go.

Then I called BECU - 20 minutes wait there. BUT the news is fabulous. She confirmed that the bogus account number is not anything close to a BECU account number. In addition to not having enough digits, the bogus account starts with a 0 and BECU accounts start with 3.

The BECU lady said that the money should be back in the hands of the feds by today or tomorrow at the latest.

Even though much of this makes no sense whatesoever, am feeling way less stressed about this. I do, honestly believe, I will see August's payment and maybe even, eventually, July's.

Now I'm going to take a shower. I've been on hold or on the phone for 2 hours and 55 minutes straight. I'm sure that's a personal record.

Also, hold music: BECU the WORST. Seattle SS, no idea, didn't hold. Fed SSA, not bad.

And, yes, my new social security password cannot be guessed by anyone, even me.
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