Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Your hold time is 1 hour and 30 minutes

Yes, today is the worst time possible to call Social Security but I couldn't stand not to try. To get to hold time, you have to listen to a lot of stuff and then discuss what you want with a telephone tree. So while I called just as they opened, I am still in a long queue. As expected. But, heck. I got time, a unlimited data plan and their hold music announcements could be way worse. So I'll hang until 9 when the local office opens and maybe try them. Or maybe just hang.

Whoa! I just discovered that I can change the function of the search key on this chromebook! It's right next to the 'a' and I keep hitting it by mistake. I googled to see if it was possible to change and it's right there in the settings! I changed it to backspace for now but may just disable it which is another option. Isn't that a cool thing?!

I remember way way way back when home computers were only available via Heath Kits, I read somewhere that you could change the function of the keys on the keyboard to whatever you wanted. For some reason this defined the power of personal computers for me. I was fascinated. Then. And, still.

My first foray into adding a door to the cat door was a fail. So I went looking for other options. At Chewy, of course, I found the perfect solution for $7. Clear flaps. I installed it on Friday. Biggie was not pleased. His unimpeded access to his back yard was now impeded. He was outside when I shut the door. I figured if he was still not using it by noon (this was something like 10), I'd just take then whole door insert out and he could go back on the terrace in October.

But, he noodled it out. He's still pretty tentative going either way but his desire to check on birds and check on me is stronger than his indecision.


Twitter reports that baseball is having issues. MLB is not providing enough testing or PPE and players are opting out. A couple of teams have had to halt training and at least one hasn't been able to start yet. If they can get their shit together this week, I think we stand a chance of seeing games. But, I'm skeptical. The schedule is due to be released today at 3 pm PDT. And the Mariners are starting to play youtube/twitch broadcasts of their training. They say they are planning an in squad game on Friday.

As usual, no big plans today. Just the usual with, hopefully, a chat with social security.
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