Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Biggie's vet tech, Summer, died overnight. So sad. The vet closed all offices today and will be open only limited hours tomorrow. How hard it must be for all of them. Especially now with no gathering and no hugging. They are a very huggy bunch.

It's a very quiet Sunday here. This is the only day in the past few weeks and in the 10 day forecast that has no clouds predicted. Just flat out sun. So far it's not too bad in here. The sun will move away from directly hitting this living room in a little bit. At least there's some stuff you can count on.

I left one of the blinds up a bit so Biggie could have a patch to enjoy. And so he is.


There was a fascinating article in the dead tree version of the newspaper this morning. Fascinating on a couple of levels. The content was very interesting BUT, when I went to get a link to share, I discovered that was was in the dead tree version was NOT in the online version... hmmmm interesting. The story was from the Washington Post which makes it nearly impossible to read without a subscription, so I was looking for a Seattle Times version who's paywall is a bit more generous. Not one. Interesting.

They interviewed five expert from around the country, Dr. Fauci, Linda Bell, etc. in a Q/A style about how the precautions they take individually. Did they wear a mask always, did they have non-family members in their home, would they go to a gym, get on an airplane, hug their grandchildren. It was really fascinating. And also validating.

Turns out, if they are the guide, and I think they are, I am taking the exact right level of precaution and exercising an appropriate amount of risk. Even Dr. Fauci has a house cleaner once every two weeks and goes grocery shopping.

A couple of months ago, I noticed a rough patch of itchy skin on the palm of my right hand. I think it is more seborrhoeic dermatitis which I get on my scalp and face. Now I'm seeing patches on the knuckles of my left hand. It's taking over. It's not fatal. Just annoying. The itch is frustrating but also frustrating is getting crusty in my old age.

Well, the quiet of Sunday morning just got buzzed out by what sounds like a power saw. Someone's Sunday project. No biggie. Time to close the door and turn on the air conditioner anyway.

No plans for today. The usual. With maybe a trip down to the dumpsters with some recycling for excitement.
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