Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Maybe it wasn't me!!!

A great friend called me this afternoon about my social security mess. My friend has a friend who actually works for social security. And the two of them think it might just be fraud! How exciting is that???

Well, only really because it means I'm not as stupid as I thought. Only stupid for not double checking the meager data provided to me. At any point in the last two months I could have logged on and seen the wrong account number and I did not. But then, I've been receiving these checks for 8 years and never looked. You can bet your bippy I will be making routine checks from now on!

Anyway, I was advised to make sure I have all the info about me at the ready. Exactly where I've worked since the beginning of time. Thank you, me, for the fabulously detailed resume you stuck online about a decade ago. Perfect. I have a hard copy of that and a hard copy of my salary history. And the account numbers of accounts I have used in the past.

They also reminded me that Monday is going to be the busiest day of the year for Social Security phone people - the first business day after disbursement and the first business day after a 3 day weekend. So call with patience and maybe even start with the Seattle office.

I honestly don't think it's fraud. An evil doer at my own credit union?

But, still, I feel better loaded with information and hope. And am so grateful to good friends - especially those with connections :)
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