Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I've lived outside of the eastern time zone now for 34 years. That means 34 years of no lightening bugs (fireflies) and 4th of July fireworks that don't even start until 10:30 which is a good 2 hours too late.

This year, however, turns out, I will be missing only the lightening bugs. I did wake up to some loud bangs last night that went on a little too long too regularly timed to have been gunfire. But I did not get up to inspect. Neither did Biggie. Tonight will likely be more of the same. I am grateful that I never had a pet who was freaked by loud bangs. Biggie barely wakes up for them.

I ordered pizza for dinner last night from the new place that popped up in the sports bar across the street. It was not as wonderful as the first time but maybe that was because it was pretty cold. They told me 45 minutes and they meant 20. When I picked it up, I told the guy that the phone number on their website had two digits switched. Not understanding, he explained that 'this used to be a different restaurant so it's probably that number.'

So... I gather, the great burgers are history. Sigh. But, the other great burger place a couple of blocks away is still planning to open so there is burger hope in the 'hood.

And now I have leftover poke for lunch and pizza for dinner. And more pizza in the freezer.

I have two more episodes of Undercover (Amazon Prime) to watch. It's amazing acting and amazing writing and really hard to watch and hard to not watch. I'll probably finish it today. I finally got a good start on my latest knit project after a bunch of restarts so I'll be working on that as well.

I've now sent bathtub replacement requests to two different contractors and heard nothing. I hate holiday weekends. I also googled replacing bathtub with walk in shower and it appears to be a far more lengthy and ugly process than I imagined. So maybe those contractors are just protecting me from myself.

It looks like Biggie had some fun last night. He has two yarn balls that are his. He got them both out yesterday and had some fun after I went to bed.

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