Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ok now only scummy on the inside

I've done my chores and had a shower and I feel much better on the outside but still pretty stupid on the inside. On the one hand, I'm an old lady and this is such an old lady stupid thing to do. On the same hand, I do not need the money immediately to put food on the table. If I never see it, it will be a very expensive penalty for being stupid. On the other hand, yeah, I got nuthin.

And since I'm so loosey goosey about money today, I just ordered a poke bowl for lunch. It is from the place that makes them big enough for two meals so it will be lunch and dinner.

Interestingly, this place has two locations. I went to one and they said the delivery fee was $7.50. Ouch! The bowl was $12. I went to the other place and the bowl was $13 but the delivery fee was only $6. Same owners, same stuff. I'm honestly and incongruously happier paying more for the food than delivery.

I have laundry started. It's a sunny day but still cool so far. Doesn't matter. I'm not going anywhere and if the sun gets in here I'll fight it back with the blinds.

Trying not to do anything else really stupid today... tomorrow, no promises.
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