Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I am stupid but it's not yet clear just how stupid

My Social Security check did not land in my bank account as expected yesterday. It's due on the 3rd but I figured since the 3rd was a holiday, it might be on the 2nd. It wasn't so I waited until today.

That was stupid number 1.

It was not there today and I started digging. The social security website says it went into the account yesterday. No ach issues I can find. This was the first month it was to go into this account. So maybe that's why it was late?

I recheck everything. Wait the fuck a minute... the social security web page gives me the last four digits of the account it went into. The are not the last four digits of my account.

My social security check may well have been gifted to some lucky member of BECU.

And, of course the social security office is closed until Monday.

I did go in and switch it to go to my Citi account but that won't kick in until September. Probably I can get them to escalate to August.

I can only hope that the account number they have is not a valid BECU account number. The last 4 digits I can see do not match any account I have anywhere. And I don't know how many digits there are total. BECU account numbers have 10 digits. If no account, the $$ will bounce back to Social Security. And my punishment for being stupid will be a delay.

I cannot believe I did this. My personal stupid bar has been totally reset.
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