Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Setting myself up for a fall...

My shower is a bathtub. I have lived here for nearly 30 years and never once taking a bath. I would have replaced it with a walk in shower years ago except I never used it at all since I swam every day and showered at the gym.

But now I don't. And it looks like eons before I will again. Now I risk life and limb every time I climb in or out of that sucker.

So today I started the process which I know when drag on forever and end up being incredibly invasive and painful and will fill entry upon entry here on LJ. But, hey, why not?!

I started by sending our ever so prickly building manager telling him what I wanted done and asking him if he had a vendor or vendors he liked working with in the building who could do the job. He responded pretty quickly and gave me two. So I wrote to one. I'll wait to hear before I write to the other. If they both fail, I have another option I'm ok with trying.

This is one of those times when I regret living alone. I'd love to dump this on my living with partner and then just sit back and bitch about however he or she is handling it.

But, no. It's me who will need to be both the doer and the drama queen. So not fair.

And Twitter just told me that Hugh Downs has died. Since I would have bet real money that he was older than dirt when he retired a hundred years ago, I am more than a little shocked to learn that just last week he was still alive. Wow. Makes you wonder who else is still alive.

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