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Ravelry is a website for yarn things. Knitting, crocheting, etc. Among the very many things that happen there is pattern buying. Anyone can offer up any knitting or crochet pattern for sale. I even have a couple for sale for $0 :). I buy a fair number of patterns there.

Last week, I found a pattern I really wanted. $6. So I bought it. No big deal. You click buy, you go to Paypal and click through all that and then you get a handful of emails from Paypal and a window pops up on Ravelry with a link to the PDF. They also store your pattern in your Ravelry 'library'.

This time, though, no pattern link was offered. I went and looked and Paypal had this weird note saying the account owner hadn't yet 'accepted' payment. So I sent her an email via Ravelry. Crickets. Later that day, I went to the website she linked in Ravelry and send an email from there. All of the data, about her and her pattern and her website was years old. I think the newest anything was 2014. And the email address was Yahoo. I was not hopeful. I also heard nothing.

A couple of days later I poked again. She has a really unusual name so I was hopeful but disappointed. I wrote to Ravelry. More crickets.

But I really wanted this pattern.

So yesterday I got out the backhoe and dug deep. She lives in Michigan. I found a total of 5 email addresses. Notes to three bounced back as undeliverable and the other two netted nothing.

About the only productive thing that Google gave me was a clue that her Linkedin account might be current and I assumed like most of the world, she was on Facebook. But, I had ready access to neither. So I begged a favor. I sent an email to seattlejo who is connected to everything in the world and asked her if she would see if she could find a way for me to connect to this woman.

An hour later she had not only found her but made contact. I could not believe it.

The rest was not easy. Turns out the pattern author did not have a copy of the pattern. And the Ravelry purchase situation was broken for her, too. But, finally, she did something, asked me to try again, I did and BINGO! Whew.

Hilariously, the pattern is really lame. I could have figured it out pretty much from the photos I had already seen. But, I shouldn't be so harsh. At least now I know there's no profound secret to making what I want to make! Exhausting journey!

Biggie has grown into a champion sleep mate. He hops onto the bed while I'm listening to my book but when the light goes out, he leaves. Shortly after I fall asleep, he comes back and stretches out either against my back or against my stomach and there he stays. When I get up to pee or turn over, he adjusts. As long as he's touching some part of me, he's fine. And so am I. It's such a wonderful feeling to wake up and find him there snoring away.

I got a note from the vet that he's due for shots. That means it was a year ago that I brought him home with his brother. I miss The Smalls so much but Biggie has done his best to fill the void. We'll go get shots next week. I'm sure he'll be thrilled.

I finished another yarn project last night that I need to block today (set the final shape with heat and moisture) and I have the new one to start.

The Mariners return to T-Mobile Park today. I just read a story about the restrictions they will train under and holy fuck. Way to squeeze any joy out of a game, batman. And this is just training. You know one or more players is going to come in with the virus regardless. I appreciate the effort but I do wonder if it's worth it. On the other hand, since we could still be in this mess come February, might as well figure out how to live with it. Ugh.

It's yet another humid day here. So weird to have a humid day and so weird to have so many of them recently. I'm going to take a shower and see if I can wash the humid off.

This was July 3, 2019. Biggie and The Smalls, just before they left for my house.

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