Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I am mask obscessed

At 4 this morning Seattle police with a bunch of other agencies went in and started clearing out the occupied area. Everyone is out and the police are now arms length apart blocking the area from entry. I have the TV on watching it live. And every time they show those police, it pisses me off. They are 3 feet apart and 1 in 10 are wearing masks and 1 in 20 are wearing them correctly. So stupid. It would be such a small thing. They already have a huge problem with their image and now, not only do Black Lives not matter, they are willing to spread the virus to everyone!! What a clusterfuck, a true goat rodeo. This is the part of Seattle I do not love.

And, like an idiot, I went ahead scheduled my grocery pickup at the usual place. A block away. Hopefully, it will be fine. But, geeesh.

This morning on my walk, I was alone on the sidewalk when I saw a rough looking young guy coming my way. I was trying to figure out if I should peel off into the ally or veer off into the parking area when all of a sudden, he reached into his pocket and pulled out an N95 mask and put it on. I spent two blocks chastising myself for judging ... book/cover, etc.

It's still lovely and cloudy and cool out and I'm still really grateful for it. Looking out the extended forecast, it doesn't look like it's even going to get up to 75 for a while. Nice.

My grocery pickup this morning is between 9 and 10. The kitchen is clean and the fridge is organized to provide space for the new stuff. I'm ready.

My new laptop is just wonderful. Zero buyers remorse here. I discovered that there is actually 7 months left on the original warranty. But, because I don't know what kind of life it has had so far, and the upgrade was available for $40, I bought an extended, upgraded warranty. Probably a total waste of money but I feel better.


Ok. Now I'm back from the grocery and it went fine. I passed a couple of emergency vehicles leaving the scene but other than that, it was just a normal Covid Wednesday. So glad to have fresh food in the house. Watermelon!

I found this attached to my car key. That silver on the bottom looks like a magnet but it isn't. Google image search has no idea. It thinks it might be a smart phone or a web cam. I doubt either of those theories.


Just got a text from John that it is the gizmo they use to track keys in their lockbox. Now I know.

Nothing big planned for the rest of the day. Just a regular day... but, with watermelon!!
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