Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And then it was good

The new computer is here and it's a beaut. It has a wonderful huge screen but it's actually pretty thin and sleek in total. The screen is bright and pretty and, something I had not even thought about, they keyboard is wonderful! Google's keyboards were always typo creators to me. This one (Lenovo) is far more accurate and nice to type on. So all is fine.

The UPS guy arrived with it as soon as I got home from the Mercedes place. John texted me that the car was ready and then sent me a link to the bill where I could pay it from here immediately which was lovely. I have not carried a purse anywhere since March and, with luck, I may never carry one again.

I texted him back to send a ride for me please and the same guy came back and got me. This time he did not bother putting a mask on at all which I thought was pretty rude and will get a mention if they send me the usual How Did We Do survey.

Another nice thing about this new laptop and, of course, all chromebooks is how easily they become totally operable. It takes me maybe 5 minutes from beginning to end, to get one set up exactly like I like it. But, now they are even better. This one came with a giant charging brick. No thanks. I just unplugged the Pixelbook and plugged this one in using the same cables and charger. Ditto my second screen. Everything works perfectly which also means I can slip the Pixelbook back into the mix just as easily if I want smaller for any reason. Perfection.

The Lenovo brick is in the cupboard out on the terrace. Do not need.

And, finally, look at the gorgeous picture taken by a woman in West Seattle. It's the lights from the baseball park (T-Mobile) as they reflect off of Elliot Bay. Just amazing. Sometimes I love Seattle so much I cannot stand it.


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