Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

ups is playing with me.

UPS has my new computer on the truck. I'm watching on their tracking app.

Usually it's here by about 12:30. It's now 1:30. But at 12:30 it was here! I could see it on the front door cam.

I watched him unload a bunch of boxes onto his hand truck but he never came in our front door and then he left!!!

I know he didn't come in here because there are no stack of boxes by the door to the manager's office (to the right of that big green thing).

He's still in the neighborhood so maybe he's coming back.

John at Mercedes called a while ago saying there was something hinky with my breaks he wanted to look at. I told him to go for it. No word since.

I did make muffins and cheese rice and finished up my To Be Picked Up grocery shopping. Tomorrow 9-10. And washed all the dishes and set tonight's meat to marinate.

So now I'm just waiting...

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