Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thanks for the great masks but I still won't poop for you

Like last year, I got the at home poop test kit from Humana. And once again, it went right into the trash. If I wanted to know what's in my colon, I'd get a proper colonoscopy. Quit wasting your money.

But... those masks they sent last week are great!

This morning I popped up, walked, got home, showered, dressed and went to Mercedes. A nice cool day with very little traffic. The dealership was not busy either and everyone was nicely masked and just generally nice. John, who has managed the service of my Smart Car for 9 years now, laughed out loud when he saw the mileage. "you don't do that good in a good year but you've topped yourself this time" 3,000 miles since my last services 13 months ago.

Usually, they have a guy to drive me home. This time he had reserved a car for me. But, the idea of being behind the wheel of someone else's fancy car when I didn't need to, didn't appeal. So I opted for driver who did not put his mask on until we were out of the lot. grrrr.

But, the ride was in a top of the line Mercedes and when he turned a corner, my seat hugged me!! At first I thought it was a broken seat but when it kept happening and would change sides depending on the direction of the turn, I realized it was the actual seat. I was sorry to get home. Pretty sexy action for a car seat!

I told John I didn't care when the car was ready. I'm guessing it will be early afternoon. Probably the same time my computer gets here.

I took my coffee with me as I would usually do on a quick, early morning errand. What I had not considered was the mask. So I took a full cup of coffee with me and brought a full cup of coffee home. So smart.

I need to make some more breakfast muffins today. And I've got a hankerin' for some cheese rice so I might whip up a batch of that.

If Twitter reports (from local journalists) are correct, the Seattle encampment is being broken down today. I sure hope it gets done peacefully and smoothly.

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