Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nothing Much

Since my boyfriend would not be in his window today to swap waves, I decided to walk the opposite direction today. North towards downtown. It was not good. It felt crowded. Lots more people around (and by lots, I mean I saw maybe 8 people upright and walking around) and it felt not safe. Lots and lots and lots of plywood murals. But, otherwise, not too interesting. I'm not doing that again.

Then home to an omelette with apple and mozzarella that was close to perfect, but just one sprinkling to many of the cheese. Now dishes washed and kitchen cleaned and me washed and Biggie not washed and we're enjoying a lovely cool morning.

I suspect this will be the very last no-air-conditioner-needed day til Fall. The sun keeps trying to peek out so it might not last even today. Oh well.

I keep falling into internet rabbit holes this morning. My brother sent me the first one a great piece on Martha Matilda Harper, a 19th century servant who invented the franchise business (before McDonalds) in America. The piece was mostly from a book. Which I could not find in a library but, turns out Amazon had the Kindle version for cheap. So now it is mine :)

Also falling down Ravery patterns for knit and crochet rabbit hole. And while looking at those, Twitter keeps saying 'shiney!!! over here!!!'

I need to step away from the computer or this entire day will disappear with nothing to show for it!

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