Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

eBay giveth


The yellow one is signed by the author! The white one is the oldest but not that old. The phone numbers have area codes and the addresses have zip codes.

All three are wonderful. Each has the obligatory jello salad chapter - one quite massive. And the casserole chapter - all quite massive. And the wonderful recipe names: Aunt Bessie's Mistakes (cookies), Dump Salad, Continental Chicken. The white one has ads. The best is for Nunn-Better flour. "There's None Better than NUNN-BETTER"




I love this last one... it calls for 2 cups cornflakes which were, apparently, so ubiquitous that there was no need to even list it in the ingredients.

These are goldmine books. And, yes, I do plan to use some of the recipes!! Can you still buy jello? Outside of liquor stores, I mean.
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