Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Just Random Stuff

I remembered that the door to the hallway is metal. So I went looking and found these very cool magnetic hook racks. And now, my face masks are all nicely hung right there - quite handy and a good reminder not to forget to put one on!


Plus, there were in a basket with some other shit on the credenza by the door. Biggie always felt like it was his job to either go through the basket and pull things out or just push it onto the floor. Mainly, I think, because that's where he sits and waits for me to come back home. Basket now gone. Lots of sitting room.

There was a time when we had 3 different car share services and 3 different bike share services here in Seattle. You could basically get what you want when you wanted it where you wanted it. Then they started combining and then they started disappearing and then... there were none. Even before the virus hit, they were all gone.

Today, however, we have one of each back! I had heard that Uber was bringing back bikes but I hadn't seen any. Today, I spied my first one.

A company called Gig (clever, eh?) also announced months and months ago that they were bring car shares to town but then the virus and they went silent. Today, however, I discovered they have sprinkled their cars around the neighborhood. So we're back in biz. They are nice 4 door Toyota hybrids. I rarely used them in the past but sure did miss them when there were none. So I'm happy to have the option back.

I have a $30 credit with the car share that has to be used soon so I might just use one to get to the Mercedes dealer next week to pick up my car. Can't be any more dangerous than riding with their driver.

I have a long history with Krispy Kreme that starts with the son of the founder who was my date to a 6th grade roller skating party. I have loved their donuts since the first one hit my mouth. I rarely buy them because I have no KK self control. But, earlier in the week, I bought those minis. Here's the real problem. I love them fresh. But, I also love the texture they develop as they age. I just had one - that has been sitting on the counter since Wednesday and it was just as delicious in its own way. There is no hope for me and KK. Wonder what happened to Carver? (Well, Google says he's still in Winston-Salem and in commercial real estate. I can see that.)

My air conditioner turned off in the night last night or this morning. I didn't notice until I came back from my walk. It was really stuffy and hot in here. So now it's working hard to get things back to comfortable. It's succeeding. Good thing because it's going to be an in house all day kinda day. I have no where I need or want to go and it's promising to be rather warm outside anyway.

I may do some laundry. I may do some reading. I'll likely do some TV watching. The Netflix series Lenox Hill which I really enjoyed has an add on episode about COVID. I do want to inventory the freezer. My app tracking has gotten a bit out of date and I feel like there's food in there that would be fun to eat.

So just a nice, regular day.
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