Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Sandy (former HOA president, upstairs neighbor) sent me an email about six weeks ago asking if I could notarize some documents for her. Sure, I said, any time. We can do it in the hallway with masks. No problem. I've run into her in the lobby and garage a couple of time since and she's said 'ok, if I bring those docs by this week?' Sure, I said, any time. Last night I get an email asking if she could bring them by today. Sure, I said, any time.

Take your spare cash and buy a lottery ticket. Do not bet on her being here today with any documents for notarization. I've had people in my life who do stuff like this before. It used to make me crazy. Now I just laugh. See you when I see you. Maybe.

I actually do have a thing today. A zoom meeting at 11 with the UW team studying data collection. Nothing else on the agenda except the usual stuff. I'm done going out.

Biggie just brought me Stickie. I waved it around and he chased and then I tossed it across the room. He instantly went to get it and brought it back to me. Like a dog. Except. When I took it and tossed it again, I swear he looked at me with an expression that said "WTF?! I just went and got it for you. Why do you throw it again???!!!" and then went off to the bedroom. I guess we aren't playing fetch. My bad.

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