Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Another day, another laptop

I found out which Chromebook I need - it's a Lenovo C630 - but they don't make it/sell it anymore. And used/refurbs are not plentiful. But I found one on Blinq. I've heard about Blinq before - good things - but never used them. They tout an easy return situation which I hope I won't have to use but make sure there is one before hitting 'buy'.

So... we'll see. Maybe even next week!

And as long as I'm dishing out cash, I loaded up the car for Goodwill tomorrow. I had to drive it out of the garage, load up and drive it back and during those shenanigans, I noticed the flashing wrench. Flashing wrench is Smart Car lingo for It's time for your annual blood letting at Mercedes. It's actually past time. I think I went in March last year. But, whatever. It's not like I have places to go or people to see. So Tuesday. 8.

I did send back all the rest of the Zappos shoes today. UPS delivered one more pair today but I knew I wasn't going to keep them. I unboxed and tried them on and printed out the return label and reboxed and made it down to the street in time to hand it right back to the UPS guy. That really is a personal best for me in Returns R Us.

Today the Governor decreed that face masks will be mandatory starting Friday. Good on him.

Baseball is going to start up again with 'spring' training on July 1. And games planned for the end of July. I'm looking for the betting pool. How many positive COVID tests will it take to shut them down again? And How many days until that happens. My money says they will be done by July 15. Sigh. I, for sure, am not calling the cable company and telling them to add the baseball channel back just yet.

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