Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A win and a fail

I wore my new shoes to walk today and they performed flawlessly. I think they are a hair big but the next size down (which they didn't have) would have been too small. So no biggie. Happy feet, happy me!

But, I gave up on the computer. Back in the box and back to Amazon. That screen was just too horrible. I have another picked out but I want to wait until I can find a reconditioned one and/or used cheap. This pixelbook is small but it sure is crisp and bright.

Years ago. Actually, I just looked it up and it was 2010. I went to and bought myself a caricature. I sent them a photo and picked out the body I wanted an they sent me back a cartoon of me. It was just like at the beach except, I didn't have to stand there in the sun with people walking by starring and then pretend I liked it better than I did and, osoq let's you tweak the results! Anyway, after about 5 years, I went back and had them round out my face a bit and lighten up the hair color to more closely resemble me. I've tested the resemble me bit, and it does, for sure.

A few years ago, I went to and paid an artist to change my outfit from the lime green hoodie and skirt to a navy and teal Mariners outfit. And yesterday, I went back there to add the mask. The mask guy did such a good and fast job that I went right back and rehired him to do a version that shows my face but with the mask hanging off one ear. Stay tuned for that reveal.

My insurance company is Humana. I've never been in love with them. They are a huge monolith behind a telephone tree designed so carefully that one call will insure you never try again. Their mail in pharmacy is almost worse. Their online presence has a UI carefully crafted so that getting the information you want is incredibly painful. But, it sure is pretty. UGH.

But, their charges are taken from my medicare so my cost is $0 out of pocket to have the stuff. They had a great program this year that got my my incredibly expensive inhaler for free or 6 months. They give me $75 every quarter to shop at their limited but sufficient Over The Counter 'store'. And... today they sent me two VERY nice face masks out of the blue. They are both attractive and comfortable. So, thanks, Humana!

I swapped texts with the house cleaner. She's coming tomorrow for sure. I'm totally ok with it. Risk/Reward.

The encampment here near downtown Seattle is showing signs of wear. There have been now several shootings. One person shot to death. Both the mayor and the police chief are also showing signs of wear with the situation and with each other and with the city council. I don't know whether wiser leadership could have prevented it or made it better/safer/more productive. Or if it was just doomed from the start. The whole thing could just wind down and go away or could just blow the fuck up.

I'll be going out tomorrow but nowhere near there. The QFC that I have been using for pickup is right on the corner of the encampment. I'm not sure I'll be going back there for a while.

Today I have a bunch of little house chores to do. A punchlist if you will. I need to get something out of the freezer for dinner. Oh, btw, that TJ's chess pie freezes beautifully. I cut it into pieces first but turns out, it would have been better to have frozen, then cut. Next time I will know.

Now I think I'll go get dressed and get started on my list.

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