Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This 'n That

Last night for dinner, with some pasta, I had my annual Pride bagel. (And no, not all my cuttlery matches my counter top - fluke.)


This morning it's nice and cool and cloudy. Probably the last of this for a while. It was dry for my walk but it looks like showers are just around the corner.

Meanwhile I broke my walking shoes yesterday. They were inexpensive Skeetcher ankle boots that I just flat wore out. I Zappo'd some new options but they won't be here til probably Tuesday. Today I tried some lined Crocs. They were not terrible but not good enough. I have another possible option in house which will get a try tomorrow. I also have a pair of regulation serious walking shoes but they require socks and that could be one level of bother too far. We'll see.

There was a shooting early this morning in the blocks that have been taken over by the protesters. One person dead and one person in ICU. Not much coverage yet. I wonder if they let police in after all. And I wonder if this is the beginning of the end of it. Not of the police protests but of the takeover.

My brother organized a family video call every other Friday evening. It's been mostly his sons and me and him with other guest appearances. And it's great. Earlier yesterday, he butt dialed us when he went to get a link to send us and his two sons and I ended up having a nice little catch up chat about this and that. So last night, on the regular call, it was just me and him and our beers and it was great.

Just to chat about this and that and whatever. Just the two of us. A lovely comfortable catch up.

I think my latest knitting project took a turn. These squares were originally intended for a blanket that also involved a lot of other squares and rectangles with different patterns. But I seriously love the fabric of these squares and now I think they are going to be a cardigan.


I have a couple of little sewing projects to do today but that's about it for agenda items. Otherwise, knitting, etc.

Biggie with tail...

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