Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

OMG is the universe trying to vote on my decision???

Back in the olden days - BV - when Amira came to clean, I'd leave and go over to the Goodwill Store where I'd drop off my donations and then wander around the store archaeologist style - uncovering treasures and marveling at what people donated and wondering about former lives of things.

They shut their doors at the same time the Governor said Amira could no longer come to my house to clean.

A week from Wednesday is my normal house cleaner day. I've been going back and forth about it here way too much but in my head about 30 times as much. Amira has grown children with families and I'm sure she's spending time with them. But, I'm pretty sure she would never come here if she thought she had the virus or knew someone who did. But, still...

However. Just now. I got a text. That next Monday. The Seattle Goodwill store will reopen!!!

Ok, yes, it's crazy. But, I'm now seriously considering having her come clean and going to Goodwill. Carefully. But going. This will be my head debate for the next 10 days. Head. Not journal.
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