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I've been having not fun dreams lately. Dreams where I fail at something important. Or forget something important. Or disappoint people. They aren't bad dreams but they are disconcerting. I've generally been pretty much a success in my dreams and it's a bit dismaying to suffer this drop in performance. But, then I wake up and it's just the same old me - sometimes a winner and sometimes a failure.

New not finished yet mural started...


So that makes 3 - started but not finished - on my morning walk. Today is a rainy day so I suspect there will be no progress.

I shopped yesterday for a new chromebook. A bigger one. A different one. But, fortunately, I caught myself before 'buy'. I do not need a new chromebook. This one is fine. I did order some Mariner face masks. I figure I'll be wearing face masks forever and a Mariners theme is good. I am limited in what I can make to the fabric choice available. The commercial mask makers don't have the limits. So I indulged. Much cheaper than a chromebook.

I made a macaroni salad yesterday with the produce from the grocery. It turned out to be pretty delicious. Happily I made a bunch. And when putting away the groceries, I found two slices of that magnificent pizza of a week or so ago. Lunch or dinner is going to be yum.

No plans for today at all. I have some good TV to watch and I'm reading a great book - Good Girl, Bad Girl by Michael Robotham. And I have knitting to do and no reason or desire to go anywhere.

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