Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today's the big venture out. I need more fabric like I need a hole in the head. I don't even have anything I want to sew. I made three summer shirt last winter that I haven't even worn yet. But I do so love recycled fabric. I love the serendipity of it. The joy of finding the perfect piece and not having enough of it so having to find a companion piece. And... $2 a yard. I can't not do it.

Plus, this place Seattle Recreative has fabric sales a few times a year BUT they are always chaotic. This will be 2 of us shopping for a limited time in a very controlled environment. I can't not do it.

I was thinking this morning on my walk about having my house cleaner back. I'm so torn between wanting a clean house and not wanting her in here. No one has been in this house but me for 3.5 months. It feels so safe. But the bubble has to be popped sometime. My current thinking is that I will just not be here. I have no idea where I'll go but I can chill out in the car somewhere. That's a week and a half away and I'm surprised about how stressed I am about it. I need to get over myself.

After my fabric shopping, I'll go pick up my groceries. This, I am excited about. I ordered chinese last night from a new (to me) place. It had lots of good reviews. I ordered 3 things. The egg rolls were inedible. The mongolian beef was struggling to get to meh. And the pork ribs were chopped tiny so each bitsized piece had a bone in it waiting to break a tooth. And they were just covered in a syrup that was more honey than soy sauce. I ate enough to fill me and there is plenty left, but I think it's going to the dumpster. I don't need to be eating calories that aren't delicious.

Yesterday when the robot vacuum cleaner came back to base, it was missing one of its side brushes. This happens, they snap off. I have spares. And the missing ones turn up eventually.

Sure enough, last night in the middle of the night, Biggie hopped on the bed with his new toy! The missing brush. Thanks, dude.

New things from my walk this morning:

These little bouquets have sprung up from the building where my boyfriend works.




And, we have a new mural in the making. Oddly, it on the boards of a shop that only boarded up after the first night of protest riots and, also, last week, with windows still boarded, posted a note on the front door that they are now open again - limited hours. And today, with the new mural was a paper note saying We Are Open. It's a place that sells very high end motorcycle wear.


Time to hop in the shower. Don't want to shop dirty!
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