Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The city announced yesterday that they are not going to open the pools this Summer. They plan to announce a new aquatic schedule in August. We have to get to Phase 2 before the gyms can open and we're at 1.5 now with no sign or when 2 will happen. Even so, it's unlikely the pools in those gyms will open at phase 2. I miss swimming so much.

But. Hey. It is what it is. Thoughts and Prayers. Whatever. Moving on with what I got.

Today's walk was harder than most and I think that's what's got me more bummed than anything. I wish my boyfriend did not feel compelled to take weekends off.

On the up side some of yesterday's spam made scrambled eggs extra special for breakfast today.

I now have zero fresh food in this house. QFC had a pick up slot available for after my fabric shopping tomorrow so I decided order up. Veggies and fruit and potatoes. Plus I have until midnight to tweak the order. I really do love this system. And as long as I'm out anyway.

Today, I'm in for the day with no plans. But I have knitting and TV and books. Plus it's still cool. And there's a soft rain that I can hear thanks to The Tree That I Hate. And it's not raining inside.

Biggie's napping with Stickie here next to me.


So... all's good.
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