Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's totally howeird's fault

Poor howeird has been trying to find comfortable underwear now for several weeks. In vein. It's a tough project for sure.

It took me 70 years. But last year I found the perfect stuff. How can you not try underpants labeled buttery soft??? And they are, indeed. I bought 6 more pair immediately. I wear them all day and sleep in them at night. They are the most perfect thing ever.

But howeird's underwear trials and tribulations got me worried. What if they disappeared. What if mine wore out and I could not get more??? Yes, they would be dirt simple to make but where in the heck am I going to find this buttery soft fabric?

So, I ordered 12 more pair.

bill_schubert, when I die and you come to clean this joint out and you find a massive load of underwear with the tags still on them, now you know who's fault it is. If you want to go after him, he's living in Las Vegas now - he's the one with his panties in a bunch.

And other things that make my life lovely. My spam slicer.


Spam is very easy to slice and very difficult to slice evenly. Except I hate this amazing Spam slicer. I had Spam for lunch.

Then I made what is basically a Frito pie with has browns instead of Fritos. It's either going to be delicious or OMG NO!! I'm going to have it with chilled canned pears that are wearing a dollop of mayo and a little grated cheddar cheese.


The dishes are done and the kitchen is clean.

All the laundry is done and all but the soft dresses put away. Biggie needs to finish Biggie-ing them.


And, I cut my hair. Trimmed the back actually. It's been looking pretty good lately. I think not swimming every day is helping. At least I'm not frantic to have hair dressers open.

It's raining lightly outside, but not, thankfully, inside.

Now it's time for a little TV, I think.
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