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I got an email this morning that my shopping time at the recycled fabric shop will be 10:20. On Sunday. There will be one other shopper there and a staff member. $2 a yard. They usually don't have much in the way of knits and that's all I'm interested in so it could be a total wast of time but if there's anything I've got plenty to waste of... it's time. So, what the heck. I am pleased with the time. I was afraid I'd get something in the afternoon. 10:20 is perfect.

The HOA president, did, indeed, list her condo. It's one I'm very familiar with and I knew they had done work on it. Their contractor whacked a water pipe and flooded out the unit below. But, according to the photos, they did a magnificent job. It's really gorgeous. And beautifully staged. I know, from experience, that the afternoon sun fries the place so it stays horribly hot all night. Their duckless air conditioner does little to help. And, there is only one bathroom which is unacceptable to me but, hey, it looks so pretty!

Wonder of wonders, I got a lovely email this morning from a project manager at the company we pay to manage this building. He says they will be fixing the terrace above me by the end of next week or the following and, once the leak is fixed, the contractor will be in touch to fix any damage to my unit and I should contact him if I have any questions! Holey moley. When I think of all the months I went through last time never hearing anything and then getting a false promise before months of silence again, this is freakin' amazing. And yeah!!

In the past, whenever Google rolled out an android beta, I've signed up. New and shiny? Yep, I'm in. I've often regretted it. Stuff doesn't work right and for the past two times, Google Pay, which I love is disabled. Last time, I swore I would not do it again. No beta. Wait like smart people. So, they released the beta yesterday. And I waited. About 10 minutes.

Stuff doesn't work right but it kind of does. And Google Pay is broken but I can't see needing that for a while. So I play/fight with the new and shiny.

Also new and shiny is Alexa. I was working with a group at the University of Washington. They were using my data. Amazon provides no easy way to grab the interaction between me and Echo. Google provides several very easy ways to get all the data I want so I had to switch to Google Home.

Yesterday I added 3 new plugs. They are off brand el-cheapo plugs and Google Home refused to acknowledge them. So I tried Alexa who's attitude was 'hey new friends!! come on in the fold so happy you are here!!!' The UW folks don't need my data any more so I totally dumped Google Home. I set up all my routines on Echo. Soooooo much nicer and easier all the way around and quite a bit snappier. She's fast, that girl.

Last night I found some frozen hash browns in the freezer and I have ground beef and a half an onion that needs to get to work or get to the dumpster. So today there will be a casserole made.

And I think there will be laundry done. I might tackle those drawers under the TV. I will crochet. And, probably, finish watching Lenox Hill on Netflix.

Biggie says hi. He's under the bed right now, taking his morning nap. He's volunteered to help with the drawer reorg. But only after his nap.

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