Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

i got nothin'

It's a rare (again) day of high humidity which makes my living room feel cold and clammy and not all that nice. Again, I could turn on the air conditioner and I might.

I need a project and I think it's going to be the living room cabinet. It's 5 shelves of stuff. It's behind doors so easy to just cram shit in and close the door. But then, I can never find said shit when I want it. Plus having all that wonderful storage space is depressing when it's crammed.

So today's the day. I have three sizeable drawers under the TV that need the same treatment but the cabinet needs it more. And I need a project and culling out and organizing stuff provides such a lovely reward.

Biggie is standing by ready to help. It just dawned on me that we are rapidly approaching his 1 year here anniversary. He and The Smalls came to live here the first week in July last year. This also means it's nearly time for another round of shots and probably a checkup. I've generally been lax in cats past with annual checkups and even vaccinations. But not this cat. I just looked. He's due on 7/17 so still a ways out.

Ok,I need to get on with this project before I lose the will. I'm such a morning person. If I don't get started before 10, it's a tomorrow deal.

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