Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

food riches

Something on instagram this morning - I don't even know what - gave me a killer jones for poke. So as soon as they opened at 11, I ordered up a bowl from my favorite poke place. It was here by 11:30. Best idea ever. I'm going to get poke for lunch once a week all Summer long. You heard it here first.

I have two giant pieces of pizza ready to heat and eat.

I may need a coin toss - pizza or poke for dinner?? (The bowls I get from FOB Poke Bar are way too big for one meal for me.) Whatever doesn't get et for dinner will be tomorrow's lunch. That's some kind of luxury, if you ask me.

I just took a load down to the dumpsters and ran into the building manager who volunteered info about getting my leak fixed. He's made the initial calls but it may be next week before anyone is actually here to look. He kindly inquired if there had been more rain leaking in (no). I was more than a little pleasantly surprised at his initiative. And grateful.

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