Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good news/Bad news

The fabric store up the street is opening again - very restricted hours but they do have a daily hour reserved for high risk individuals. This is the store where I really do not like the staff at all and swear I will never go back - every time I go. I could use some white thread, tho. Amazon's is crap and Wawak, my notions headquarters, doesn't have what I need either "This item is temporarily unavailable due to the manufacturer not currently operating, or is having production capacity issues related to COVID-19. We are working on getting these items back in-stock as quickly as possible."

I might go 'shopping' on Sunday. The non-profit shop that sells all things crafts is having a by appointment fabric sale. I signed up for a slot. I'll find out friday if I got it. It's a back of store, one customer at a time, 30 minute max deal. I'm ok if I get a slot and ok if I don't.

The gym that I hope to join for swimming is also opening [EDIT: they are not opening yet but are only now describing how things will be when they can open which they hope is soon] but even more limited than the fabric shop. A few classes of 5 people or fewer and one on one training sessions only. No pool. But, then, reading further, no High Risk people at all. Oh well.

My old gym, the one I can't get to any more because they closed the bridge, isn't even hinting at an opening time yet.

Yesterday I sat here and crocheted all day. Mostly with nothing on - no TV, no music. Biggie's water fountain and the occasional traffic sound outside. I was trying different things - crochet wise. I think I finally settled on this


I'm thinking squares of at least double that size. Maybe. I tried it with various sizes of crochet hooks and think I like this version the best. Maybe. It did feel luxurious to just do nothing but feel the yarn go through my hands and watch the work emerge with no pressure to do anything else. All day.

I ordered something from England via Etsy at the first of May. It got to Chicago pretty darned quickly. But there it sits. It was set via Royal Mail. I filed a claim with USPS and got a response yesterday that my package was in Chicago and they were really backed up and there was no way they could give me any idea of when the package might get to me. Way to enlighten!! Royal Mail won't declare it lost enough to track for another two weeks. I've given up on seeing this sucker ever.

I routinely order yarn from England from one vendor and it always gets here in 10 days.

My dinner last night turned out to be better than expected but my expectations were very low. It was not good enough to try again. There's some spice or combo of spices they use that is just not to my taste at all. On the upside, two doors down from there location, one of my favorite hamburger places is going in. Every couple of days they post photos of the progress they are making on the place. I was afraid, when they closed all the restaurants, this place would abandon their plans but it sure doesn't look like it now. Yeah!

There's a new renter in the building who's plugged his Tesla into the condo's electrical outlet. We have a very specific rule that says this is not allowed. We are not allowed to install electric outlets in the garage or use the ones there for charging cars. This renter (and maybe the condo owner) are in for some rude news today. A few years ago, we had a couple rent a unit and move in with their three little dogs. We have a two pet limit. They and their owner tried to get an exception and couldn't. They moved out. Condo life.

Today may be another crochet day. I'm reading another good book - at least good so far. But the rule is no listening during the day unless I'm walking - outside or on the treadmill. That rule got me a half mile on the treadmill yesterday so that's better than nothing. Of course, the book plus seeing my boyfriend gets me out the door every morning.

We've had so many sticky days lately. It's so weird. Right now my weather app says it's 93% right now. Ugh. At least it's only in the mid 50s but still. It makes me want to turn on the air conditioner just to dry the place out.

I think I'll take a shower instead.
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