Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Change, change, everywhere

Last night was our Zoom Homeowners Association Board meeting. They are not the most organized lot and the president is not the most leader-y of leaders but they do all seem to be invested and interested. They discussed my leak and I think it's going to get fixed sooner than later in spite of the building manager's lack of interest.

At the end of the meeting, the president, who was just elected for a 4 year term after having lived here for less than a year and a half, announced she's selling her unit. The vice president, who I assume will step in, is a guy, who last night, spoke up when they were discussing my unit, to say that this needs to be fixed now, while we are in our short 'dry' season. He, by the way, moved in last October.

On the up side, we pay a whole lotta money to a condo management company to manage the condo. Previous boards have really micromanaged. This board is really leaning on the company for the heavy lifting. They manage a lot of condos and have good experience and the guy they have on our case seems sharper than the average knife.

This is the fifth condo I've owned over the years. Living in a shared ownership situation is always interesting.

The moving out president said they were selling because they needed more room. Apparently their grown kids moved back home and they have been in Stay at Home together. They have already moved out and are living in B&B.

A couple of nights ago, I had one of the best sleeps I've had in forever. Fitbit said it was hohum. Last night was a battle, I got up to pee a million times and had one really bad dream and just couldn't seem to settle. Fitbit said I had a lovely sleep.

I wonder who my Fitbit is sleeping with.

Tomorrow is house cleaner day but I think I'm going to slide one more round. If we don't get a big uptick in cases in two weeks, I'll have her come in and clean then.

There's a cute little restaurant a couple of blocks from here. A Vietnamese restaurant was in there when I first moved here. Then an Italian place came in and redid the whole space but could not make a go. A couple of years ago, a couple opened up a new restaurant there. They have tried what seems like a million different combos to find one that will work. I love their efforts. I hate their food. Their food is actually fine but they add so much hot spice to it, that I just can't eat it.

Now they have a new iteration, new menu and even a new logo. Mostly fried chicken, but also some other interesting looking options. So tonight I'll try again. They use a delivery service I've not used before and they have take out. I might consider take out - I'll see how brave I feel this evening. We follow each other on instagram and they seem like such good folks, I really want them to be good.

Nothing else is really on the docket for today. Plenty to keep me entertained.

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