Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


There's a restaurant that's kind of an upscale sports bar on the corner by my house. They have really good hamburgers but I don't love eating there - too loud. At the very beginning of the pandemic they said they were going to fashion up some take out situation but quickly killed that idea. Then yesterday, they opened up as an out door + take out pizza place! I did not see the announcement until after dinner.

Because I'm high risk, the rules say no pizza for me but, I'm thinking I might just risk it. I could DoorDash it, but seriously, the place is on the corner. If I were a decent pitcher, I could hit it with a rock from my terrace. I can mask up and go pick it up and bring it home. Maybe tonight.

Wonder why we, here in the US take out food and in the UK they take it away. Elevator/lift, Tomaaaato, tomahto.

Somebody here on LJ, not long ago, expressed amusement not long ago at my love of spreadsheets. I was thinking about that person last night as I spent the evening plotting a crochet (blanket) project into a spreadsheet. (the nums are the sizes of the squares in inches)

Isn't it pretty? It was memorizing to build.

Here it is in actual crochet. Mine will not be exactly like this, but, close.

The big plans for today are pretty much to take the garbage and recycling down to the dumpsters in the garage. I could have taken it all this morning on my way out to walk but I decided a second trip might be more fun. The excitement of every day here never really ends.

I think I'll get today started with a shower.

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