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While Seattle is known for rain, it is rarely humid. Yeah, I know, makes no sense but it is true. So today, with the humidity at 70% +, it feels really sticky. But, it's also cool so it's not horrible.

The block I added to my walk takes me solidly over the mile mark. And now I have added a new goal doing another mile on the treadmill every day. I'd love to lose some weight BUT my main goal is to get off my ass so that my body doesn't feel sore from being in the same position all day and to build up stamina so that if/when I can get out and go again, I'll actually be able to go. So that's the plan. So far today, 1 mile down, 1 mile to go.

I mentioned the other day that I despise Goodreads and someone asked me why. I joined Goodreads years and years ago. Way before Amazon bought it when it was just a simple data base. A place to keep a list of books you'd read which was all I wanted. I'd been doing it on my own for years to make sure I did not buy a book twice because I have a terrible memory.

This morning, I had occasion to look up something on Ravelry (a site for knitters and crocheters to keep their projects, find more projects, and info, and, of course, the obligatory 'social networking') and on Goodreads.

It occurred to me that the two sites do exactly the same thing - one of yarn crafts and one for books. But, somehow Goodreads had morphed into this morass of book selling and "friending". It's a godawful mess to look at and has the most non-intuitive interface on the planet. Even now, after all these years, I click on what I want and forget that their designers had decided that was the opposite.

Oh, also, back in the day, they had a great search engine. Amazon replaced that with one that can barely look up books. GRRRRR

Meanwhile, Ravelry is a treat for the eyes with an excellent search engine and a focus on patterns and yarns with "friending" as a sideline. The way god intended.

Ok, off soapbox.

In happy news, the subscribe and save arm of Amazon decided to send my coffee 3 days early this month - it will be here Saturday. I suspect know it's because they can see in my coffee drawer that I have two more days of coffee left. Thank you subscribe and save Amazon (and could you talk some sense into Goodreads Amazon, please??)

I see by the email from USPS that my check from Capital One arrives today. This is the check I've been waiting for for 2 months and only thought to call to see if they could put a rush on it last week. doh. Anyway, glad to see it's here and finally I can close out that credit card.

Not a lot on the agenda today. I have a list of small to dos around the house and I might tackle one or more of them. Things like drawers to clean out, etc. I've made 4 dresses this week and I think that's enough to hold me for a bit. So probably no sewing today. Likely a load of laundry, tho.

In other words, plenty of time to get on that damn treadmill.
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