Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The eyes have it

I think I had a bascillion different kinds of eye tests this morning. Holy moly. The very competent tech person even said, wow. He wants to check every single thing here! Ok. Let's do this. I was fine with it. As long as I was there already, let's check everything.

Mainly he's worried about Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration. Me, too. I'll take a hard pass on both, please. There's an all clear on the glaucoma and a we're still ok on the MD. He strongly suggested AREDS 2 vitamins and offered up that Costco had the best deal right now.

As far as my seeing issues he said that laser removal of a thin layer on my artificial lens might help some. I told him about my readers with the left hand lens popped out and he asked if that helped and I said that it really did and he said 'well, for my book, that's the perfect solution! We can revisit the rest next year. Call me if you have a problem or see a big change.'

Fine by me.

It was weird to be out and about. At the clinic, they meet you at the door and make you sanitize your hands. Then they give you a mask that you can either put on top of your own or replace your own. Then they take your temperature. There was one couple in the elevator with a 5 day old baby. I never felt so sorry for any three people in my life. Another young dad gave them the appropriate new baby sympathy. And they were black. What a 5 days they have had. But they were hanging in.

Now I am home and see on Twitter that today's protests have already started. I did see that several streets downtown were blocked off. I have no reason to leave this house until my walk tomorrow.

I have sewing and knitting and TV watching and stuff to do. My dilated eyes are almost back to normal so I will be able to see what I'm doing. Hopefully.

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