Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A or B? C or D? Can you read the top line?

I've always found eye doctor appointments to be annoying and tedious. I had one eye doctor who was rude and mean. She's the one who did both of my cataract surgeries. And then she retired and was replaced by my current guy who is at least warm and nice and interesting and interested. But, still. 'see the red house?' ugh.

I do hope he has a painless, cheap and easy fix for my not being able to see as well as I'd like. My appointment is at 9:30 and it's an easy place to get to. It will be weird to be out in public.

I started walking the same one mile (a little less but I'm calling it one mile) route every morning on March 30. I think I skipped one day but I cannot remember why so maybe not. This morning - after 65/64 - days, I did not feel out of breath once. I actually felt fine the entire way. I'll be interested to see what tomorrow feels like.

A couple of other shops on my route boarded up their windows last night. But the protesters went the other direction. I wonder if they will come here tonight. The marches last night turned out to be massive and massively peaceful. And, from the coverage I saw, mostly masked. I just saw a tweet from a local TV news outlet this morning that said that at least one group of local protesters "left the protest feeling empowered". I wish that for all the peaceful protesters.

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