Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This just in

They announced this afternoon that the city wide curfew that was at 5 pm the last two days is 6 pm tonight. Twitter shows crowds mobilizing in various spots, the closest is about a half mile from here at City Hall. There's been a helicopter parked overhead for the last hour and then we just go this:

Attention All Residents,

The Alliance for Pioneer Square is reaching out to all buildings in the PSQ district to advise that an unauthorized protest that is expected to be gathering downtown this afternoon is planning to march to PSQ. The construction sites in PSQ are sending their workers home and businesses that do have staff are doing the same. It is not possible to know for sure if this protest will end up with the violence and destruction that occurred in the Seattle downtown retail core on Saturday and Bellevue downtown retail core on Sunday.

To help secure the Florentine’s residential floors, we are prepared to lock down both elevators at 6:00 P.M. We realize this is not ideal and for any resident who has a dog to walk it may be a large inconvenience. However, in the event the lobby doors or windows are breached it is the only way to secure the residential floors. We are taking this action out of an overabundance of caution. We thank you for your cooperation during this time.


Florentine Manager and Board of Directors

Since I don't have a dog to walk and I had already canceled my plans to go clubbing, I am actually pretty grateful for this protection. I have an Amazon delivery (the same one that was supposed to be delivered Saturday then Sunday then today) supposed to be delivered before 8. If it gets here, it can sit down in the garage. I can easily walk down the 8 flights. I can probably manage to walk up 2 of them but I don't fancy sleeping in the stairwell.

So I'll just hang right here.

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