Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Keeping Track

I was just reading an article that alluded to a John Gresham book I did not know about. I love a good John Gresham so I went to look, sure enough, it's a second in a series and came out in March. So I went to look and see if I had read the first one. This is why, as much as I hate Goodreads, I track everything I read or reject there. Turns out I read the first one 3 years ago... I have absolutely no memory of the book or writing this review but it cracked me up. Apparently I was not ambivalent.

"I did not finish this book. It did not deserve my time and energy. The plot was like swiss cheese. The narrative was ridiculous. The characters could have been interesting then then he made them do/stay stupid stuff over and over again. Something tragic must have happened to his editor preventing him from working on the manuscript. Really, honestly, there is absolutely NOTHING right about this book. Oh and I listened to the audible version and the reader was not good either."

So... even though the second one has a different narrator, I think I'll skip it.

I ran into the building manager this morning. He had told me via email that he'd contact the team that handles leaks this morning. In the hallway he said that instead he's turned it over to the board because they are working on a terrace resurfacing project. I told him that while my unit does not have damage, more rain will cause it and I wanted it fixed before that happened. He said he understood and would follow up.

The last time I had a leak into my unit, I reported it to the building manager and trusted it would be taken care of. After more rain, damage to my unit, having them cut a whole in my terrace ceiling that lasted a year and after a total of more than 3.5 years after my original email, the leak was plugged and my unit was restored. I did not follow up diligently that time or keep good records or bitch loud enough. Those mistakes will not be repeated.

I have the emails I sent the building manager and to them I have added a timeline of information - what I've been told, when and where. I will give him a week to get back to me. If I hear nothing, I'll ping him again, and copy the board president.

This time I'm keeping track.

I finished my dress du jour. This afternoon I need to get on that stupid treadmill. I may do that next so I can enjoy the rest of my day.

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