Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thank you, Twitter

Last month, I set up my IBM pension check to go to BECU. It always arrives on the 1st of the month like freakin' clockwork. Always. And this morning it wasn't there. I went to the IBM site and they said it was there but BECU said no. I decided to wait a day. Credit Unions have different rules than straight up banks.

Then, minutes ago, BECU tweeted that it was the Federal Reserve! They had an issue overnight that impacted ACH file processing and it everything should be in order by 9 this morning. How about that? I'll bet old codger ex IBMers around the globe are pestering their banks this morning like crazy. Ha. (Just checked and the money has now safely landed.)

I only saw one police car this morning. He was parked at the stadium. Last night there were far fewer sirens but a lot more helicopters. It just all feels sad outside.

But inside... no more rain so no more leaking. Looks like the next rain is next weekend. Hopefully, by then, the leak repair guys will have a plan. They have a lot of experience with leaks in this building and, apparently, with this leak in particular.

I just turned the page on my wall calendar of beautiful Down Under scenery that Scott, in New Zealand, sends me every year. And, there on June 30, is his note "Kiwis arrive in Seattle!!" Sigh. Maybe next year.

I have another dress cut out and ready to sew. I said I would make 4 and this will be the 3rd. The 4th will be a patchwork-ish version. But I might hold off on it a little. Initially, I said I'd only be wearing them in the house but I think I was wrong. They look nice. And are so comfortable. I just think they will be my Summer uniform.

And, where am I going to go anyway??


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