Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

After you, Alphonse

I was working on the beautification project. Where the styrofoam part of the air conditioning vent attaches to the door and was working my way through the door taping the vent when Biggie decided to charge out himself and completely knocked me over. I gouged my thumb and bruised my knee and nearly ripped off a toenail. It was ugly.

But, it could have been so much uglier. I live in dread fear of an accident at home that would cause anyone to question whether or not I am still competent enough to live on my own.

I will likely be very sore in the morning but very grateful.

And my project, once finished is a total success. It looks WAY better.

Everything on my todo list is done. So now I'm off to sew.

Multiple Twitter reports that there is a growing army of volunteers filling the streets downtown this morning helping with the cleanup. Blocks and blocks of families scraping and scrubbing graffiti off buildings. Black and white hands both on the project. This is a much nice city today than last night.
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