Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This year just does not seem real

I look around this room and see my plants need watering and my next dress is cut out, stacked and ready to take back to the sewing machine. I need to fix the air conditioner venting set up so that it looks nicer. It's still kind of raining but the leak has stopped for now. Biggie managed to wrestle the paper grocery bag he found in the kitchen into compliance and is now resting after his victory.

And outside these walls, so much is broken with new and different breaks every day. It's overwhelming. My own coping mechanism is to have sympathy for those who are younger and will have to deal with and fix all of this in the years to come. In many ways I am grateful for being old and near the end of my own life and responsibilities. I'm a living chicken little.

Last night I went to sleep to sirens from emergency vehicles. It was so strange. This morning, on my walk, there were a lot of police vehicles cruising the neighborhood. My immediate neighborhood was not involved in the destruction.

I've watched a lot of unscripted local TV news yesterday and this morning. It is, of course, mostly very young people on the streets and in the studio. Their command of language is amusingly different than my own. They have a lot of very different grammar rules than I do. Just more changes to all of the details of the world.

Now I'm going to turn off the TV and make myself breakfast.
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