Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And the coin turns again

A mere few hours ago, I was snarking about all those people crowded together downtown in a pandemic.

Now they have literally torn up downtown. The inventory that was in the Old Navy store is now outside on the sidewalk. Store after store with windows smashed in and contents looted. Police cars set on fire. The Mayor issued a 5 pm curfew and as of now - 7 pm they are still going at it downtown. Stealing cheese cake from the cheese cake factory - a white woman wearing a mask, stealing a fucking cheese cake.

I flipped from channel to channel watching it until I couldn't stand it any more. It must be terrifying for the people who live down there. It's about an mile from here.

And all this in the pouring rain.

I'm hoping for that rain to stop because my maybe leak is actually a leak and it's dripping down nice and steadily into my collection bowl. I called my neighbor upstairs to see if maybe he had a clue and, he absolutely did. He described the location of a crack that they have patched and repatched several times since he bought the place. The location is exactly where my drip is. So, at least we don't have to spend 2 years looking for the source of the leak like last time. I think it's coming down through a screw hole that's holding up my blinds. So far I cannot see any dry wall damage. I managed to get the blinds nudged out of the way (it's the first time I ever used that 'down from the top' feature - quite handy) so maybe they won't get hurt. If the rain stops soon-ish, maybe I can sneak by without damage.

And thankgod my upstairs neighbor is such a great guy.

Now I think I'm going to watch some junk tv.
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