Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Laundry all done. Chicken all boned. Ground beef in patties in the freezer. And my new dress is finished and perfect. Exactly what I wanted. Simple. Easy. Breazy.

I'll make another one tomorrow.Right now there are loads out people out in Seattle protesting all over town. From the videos on Twitter, they are mostly wearing masks but still. Our Stay Home order is still in place. So, I think, in 2 to 3 weeks, we should know whether or not it's safe to be out. If we see a spike in cases, we'll know why. If we don't, then I, for one, will feel more safe but I expect I won't be the only one. I just saw on Twitter where city workers are out in the crowds handing out masks to anyone who doesn't have one. Wild.

I found a leak in my house, I think. There was a puddle of water on my window sill and some droplets on Biggie's tree base and one drop on the bottom of the window shade (which was all the way up). But I cannot find the source. There is not evidence in the surrounding dry wall. Or on the top of the shade. I wiped it up and put down a piece of fabric. The fabric is a color that shows wetness immediately. It's been there an hour and it's still dry.

I'd blame Biggie but it didn't smell like cat pee an I don't know how he'd get droplets on the bottom of the shade. But, he has been busy.

I came out of the sewing room this afternoon to see this.


I need to take garbage down to the dumpster. Amazon is leaving me a package in the garage or will be - now 5 stops away - so I think I'll wait and make it all one trip.

Another day with no treadmill but today it was because I was too busy. So I'm ok with that.
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