Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I slept with the door closed and the air conditioner on last night an it was lovely. This morning's walk was fine. A little warm but not bad. I got back and was having coffee when I noticed the light was different. Had the shades down to keep the cool in (they are insulating). I raised them up and OMG, rain was just pouring down east coast style and then I saw some lightening. And then we got a clap of thunder right above us. Biggie was standing next to his food and he just popped up and then down, stunned.

Refreshing and interesting and unusual weather for around here for sure.

My grocery pickup was pretty darned wet but otherwise fine. Now I'm back in for the duration.

They are starting to open things up here but not nearly as open as most of the rest of the state or the country and I'm fine with just staying home. I've got a short list of stuff I'll leave for.

.Picking up a burger at 2 Doors Down the minute they open
.Shopping in the Goodwill Store

Maybe a Trader Joe's run. Maybe.

Today's agenda includes sewing and boning. Ha! Taking the bones out of chicken thighs before I freeze them. Also I got some ground beef and I think I'll make patties out of that before I freeze it.

I'm on hold with Capital One credit card right now. Their hold music makes it feel like it's been am hour but my phone says only 10 minutes. I have a $200 balance on a canceled credit card. I'd like to get that money back. Their automated system says they will send a check in 60-90 days. It's been 45 and I'd like to get it sooner than later so I thought I'd call and ask.

Well, Charles finally picked up and sure enough, I should have called weeks ago. He said I'd have the check in 2 weeks. Done!

I think I'll sew first and bone later.
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