Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have not been on the treadmill and I might not get on it at all today. I'm ok with that. Fitbit won't be happy but it can just bite me.

While cleaning out the fridge I found some potatoes that I'd forgotten about. I grilled them up in a little butter, and then added scrambled eggs and cheese to make a batch of breakfast burritos.

I mostly made my dress and mostly remembered why I did not particularly like that pattern. So I googled. I found one that was way more what I wanted and then I googled some more and then I saw a drawing that, when translated to my brain, said "you dumbo. what you want does not need a pattern!"

It's basically a pullover with komono sleeves and a gathered skirt. Easy breasy and suitable for knits or wovens. And uses only squares so maximizes the fabric usage.

I got fabric out of my stash and cut out the pieces and I already know I'm going to love it. And also make about 4 others just like it.

The governor is on at 2:30 with the latest update. I have dinner ready to heat. The kitchen is all cleaned up.

I just saw this on twitter and I love it. There's a large park in one of the most densely populated neighborhoods of Seattle. When we are not in Stay At Home, the place is usually packed. Now they have mowed circles in it for social distancing guidelines!!

I think I'll read my book a bit while I wait for the gov.

I've been running the air conditioner all day. It's not horribly hot outside but it got really warm in here this morning so I closed the door and turned on the cool and it's lovely.
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